Suffragette and women’s rights

Suffragette and women’s rights

In conjunction with the movie Suffragette ,starring Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, a new social media campaign is out to raise awareness about what the future looks like for young girls, and money for an initiative to promote women’s and girls’ rights.
Good that the movie Suffragette will bring women’s rights more in the media!!

For more about the movie klik here

#HopeForOurDaughters made its debut with an attention-grabbing, if not soul-crushing, video. In a studio setting, girls holding cards that say 1915 and 2015 are given a sad statistic about the female experience and asked if they think that’s how the world was 100 years ago or how it is today.

The result is that the viewer sees the young girls’ crest-fallen faces as they find out about illiteracy, child labor, and poverty. As one girl sadly puts it, “we are equal, but, for some weird reason, we’re not seen that way.”

Watch the video below and post a photo on Instagram holding up a sign that says your hope for the future. Use the hashtag #HopeForOurDaughters, and for every post, $1 will be donated to Equality Now.

Thanks to Shewired.

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