New clip movie Carol

New clip movie Carol

Really exited! I found a new clip from Carol the movie!!
Let the countdown to Carol begin. On November 20th, the film that’s been stealing our hearts ever since we learned of its existence will be released, and every new piece of content that’s released gets me even more excited. The film, based on Patricia Highsmith’s famed 1952 lesbian novel The Price of Salt, stars Cate Blanchett as Carol, a socialite who has an affair with a young female shopclerk, played by Rooney Mara. Just today, this new clip from the movie Carol was released of the two instantly connecting. Watch it:

Bit more on Carol

Carol also stars Sarah Paulson, Carrie Brownstein, and Kyle Chandler and has already been receiving rave reviews.
Here the new poster. I looks really GREAT!!
Can’t wait to see this!! The chemistry between Cate and Rooney looks awesome!
I hope this will be the same in the whole movie! I really am looking forward to it!
New clip from Carol

For more on Carol: Click here

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