Absolutely Fabulous komt naar Nederland

For the Dutch.

Zo geweldig nieuws! De Absolutely Fabulous movie kunnen we binnenkort bekijken in Nederland!
Ben grote fan van de twee drinkende en snuivende dames: Patsy en Edwina. 🙂

Voor degene die er nog nooit van hebben gehoord:
Absolutely Fabulous is een Britse sitcom die vijf seizoenen lang liep op de BBC. In Nederland werd de reeks uitgezonden door de VPRO en in 2015 herhaald door de tv-zender ONS. in Vlaanderen op de zender Canvas. Jennifer Saunders en Joanna Lumley zijn de twee vrouwen waar het allemaal om gaat.

In de trailer is te zien welk incident Patsy en Edina doet besluiten het land te verlaten. Nou ja, incident, het is behoorlijk heftig wat er is gebeurd. Ze vertrekken naar de Franse Rivièra, waar Patsy een opmerkelijke transformatie ondergaat.
Hieronder een trailer zodat je kunt zien waar het over gaat deze keer. :).

Er spelen een hoop andere bekende mensen in mee. Meer dan zestig (!) sterren hebben een cameo in de film en dan zijn er ook nog eens gastrollen van andere sterren! Zoals Dame Edna en Joan Collins, Graham Norton en Kate Moss: Ze zijn allemaal te zien in Absolutely Fabulous, The Movie. En de lijst is dus nog véél langer.

Houd je bioscoop in de gaten wanneer deze film daar gaat draaien.

Jodie Foster on “Women In Hollywood”

Thanks to buzzfeed.com

“I think [film studios] still see women as a risk, and I’m not really sure why,” she said at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Gender inequality in Hollywood — along with racial discrimination — has become one of the most stirring issues in the entertainment industry over the last few months.
However, at a Tribeca Film Festival event in which film and theater director Julie Taymor interviewed Jodie Foster on Wednesday evening, Foster said she’s “sick of the women thing” when it comes to conversations about directing. Though Taymor seemed to agree with Foster’s sentiment, she added, “We don’t want to ignore it either.”

“It’s real,” Foster assented. “It’s been a very long time that there are very few female filmmakers. It’s not just today, it’s not just this week. I mean, that’s always been true. Things changed a lot in Europe, for example — lots of female directors; in television, quite a few female directors.”

When asked why she thinks that’s been the case, Foster continued: “I think the more financial risk … the less risky studios can be. … I think they still see women as a risk, and I’m not really sure why.”

Jody Foster
Foster, who began her acting career in the ’60s and made her feature directorial debut in the early ’90s, said she’s noticed “differences between men and women directors.” “Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand how to treat me as a leader,” Foster said of her time in the director’s chair. “They are sometimes waiting for me to punch them in the face, which I’m not going to do. Or sometimes they are waiting for me to say, ‘Oh, your idea’s so smart. Let’s just do it your way.’ … Sometimes it’s confusing for people. … Do they treat [women] the way they treat men? And maybe you don’t because women have different leadership styles.”

“I wasn’t sure about that, but I see that it’s true now,” she added.
Foster noted she’s “worked with a lot of men directors,” but only one fellow female director in her acting career: Mary Lambert, who directed her in the 1987 film Siesta.
>But Foster did say she has a “favorite female director”: The Silence of the Lambs’ Jonathan Demme. “He was the one guy who really understood,” she explained. “He was able to say, ‘OK, this is about a woman who is our hero.’ The film was informed by that. It’s why the film is not filled with gratuitous violence. It’s why, yes, it was horrifying and difficult to watch in some ways, but … he’s the brave heart of that woman’s voice.”

Read the whole story here

Ellen on homophobic Mississippi law

I posted this before but now this stupid law is getting more and more attention in the media.
We all know Ellen so I think it is a good idea to let her speak on what she thinks about this homofobic Mississippi law.

Ellen DeGeneres destroyed Mississippi’s homophobic religious freedom law in a new video.
‘I’m not a political person, I’m really not. But this is not politics, this is human rights,’ she said.
Mixing humor with seriousness, DeGeneres used her opening monologue, video of which was released Wednesday, to pick apart Mississippi state legislation that will not punish individuals, businesses or organizations that refuse to provide services, fire or refuse to employ LGBT people on the basis of religious belief.
Ellen DeGeneres

‘It is the definition of discrimination…It is also something the Supreme Court ruled on when they made marriage a right for everyone. Everyone.
The Supreme Court said something that Diana Ross and The Supremes said a long time ago – “stop, in the name of love”. Now Mississippi is saying, “I don’t second that emotion”.’

‘Don’t lose hope,’ she said. “‘ was fired for being gay and I know what it feels like. I lost everything. But look at me now.
‘I think we need to remember that we are more similar than we are different, and we all want the same things – love, acceptance, kindness… and I want one of those new Teslas!’

sources: lgbtfeed.com and www.hollywoodreporter.com

The new trailer with Jennifer Beals

Hi all!

Manhattan Night

Here the new trailer with Jennifer Beals.

Jennifer is in it! She plays the part of Lisa Wren.

I think all Jennifer’s fans are very happy to see here in a good movie like this! At least I am. 🙂

Manhattan Nocture

Two other leading actors in Manhattan Night (Nocture): Adrian Brody and Yvonne Strahovski.

It is a movie made from the book (2004) Manhattan Nocturne by Colin Harris

Plot Summary:
Manhattan tabloid reported Porter Wren has an appetite for the city’s dirtiest scandals. On the beat, he sells, murder, tragedy, and anything that passed for the truth. At home, he’s happily married with two kids. Then one clandestine night, he risks everything he has on the seduction of a stranger…

Her name is Caroline Crowley, widowed by the unsolved murder of her late husband–a man with a nasty little hobby. Caroline has the vidoes to prove it. A ruthless billionaire who indulged in her husband’s sordid games wants the evidence buried–along with anyone who has it.

But the enigmatic Caroline wants more than Porter’s help. She knows he can’t refuse. He’s already crossed the line–and on the run in an escalating nightmare of blackmail, deception, and sexual obsession. For Porter, the only way out is murder–if the truth doesn’t kill him first.

Zijn ouders niet mogen trouwen

Wat een treurig verhaal! Deze mannen zijn al 21 jaar samen en nog mogen ze niet trouwen. Het wordt tijd dat Noord-Ierland zijn wetten aanpast en in deze eeuw terecht komt! Het grootste gedeelte van Europa heeft wettelijk geen problemen met een huwelijk tussen twee mensen van hetzelfde geslacht.

In short for the English speaking: This boy cannot understand why his parents are not allowed to marry!!

Een jongen van 15 uit Noord-Ierland heeft een video opgenomen waarin hij zich afvraagt waarom zijn ouders niet mogen trouwen.

Parents not allowed to marryDarragh Tibbs uit het Noord-Ierse County Down wil weten waarom hij en zijn broer niet de zekerheid wordt gegund van het huwelijk van hun ouders. Hij had eerder al een brief geschreven aan lokale politici, die de wet voor het huwelijk tussen M/M en V/V tegenhouden.

In Wales, Engeland en Schotland is het huwelijk wel opengesteld, maar de Noord-Ierse Democratic Unionist Party houdt een en ander tegen. Dit terwijl de Northern Irish Assembly vorig jaar heeft voor gestemd.

De ouders van Tibbs zin al 21 jaar samen. Volgens hem is het niet meer dan normaal dat ze met elkaar zouden moeten kunnen trouwen. Hij vraagt zich af waarom er mensen zijn die dit tegenhouden.

Bekijk hier zijn emotionele oproep:

Bron: pink news en Winq