Site is growing

Good afternoon,

As you can see, we are now implementing a menu structure and adding news articles and old files to the place.
XP Jennifer Beals

The menu speaks for itself but if you have questions, please let us know. You can react on this post.

The news (gay-news) page is completely different from the old one. We have feeds now. That means that the news items come in automatically!
How cool is that! 🙂

We are not there yet but slowly we see progress.
I’ll keep you informed.

Take care 🙂

Structure on the site.


We finally came to conclusion about how to keep this site readable and structured!

Here is how we will do that:
First we will make categories. This means that we put posts and pages that belong together in one category.

The categories will be: (this might change but for now we are satisfied with it)

  • Everything L Word
  • Everything Gay
  • News
  • Sales

You will not notice this, just the menu on top will change.

Hope this information was useful.
Enjoy your day!

Take care.