The new trailer with Jennifer Beals

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Manhattan Night

Here the new trailer with Jennifer Beals.

Jennifer is in it! She plays the part of Lisa Wren.

I think all Jennifer’s fans are very happy to see here in a good movie like this! At least I am. 🙂

Manhattan Nocture

Two other leading actors in Manhattan Night (Nocture): Adrian Brody and Yvonne Strahovski.

It is a movie made from the book (2004) Manhattan Nocturne by Colin Harris

Plot Summary:
Manhattan tabloid reported Porter Wren has an appetite for the city’s dirtiest scandals. On the beat, he sells, murder, tragedy, and anything that passed for the truth. At home, he’s happily married with two kids. Then one clandestine night, he risks everything he has on the seduction of a stranger…

Her name is Caroline Crowley, widowed by the unsolved murder of her late husband–a man with a nasty little hobby. Caroline has the vidoes to prove it. A ruthless billionaire who indulged in her husband’s sordid games wants the evidence buried–along with anyone who has it.

But the enigmatic Caroline wants more than Porter’s help. She knows he can’t refuse. He’s already crossed the line–and on the run in an escalating nightmare of blackmail, deception, and sexual obsession. For Porter, the only way out is murder–if the truth doesn’t kill him first.

Jennifer Beals on “The L Word”

Jennifer Beals on “The L Word”


Interview with Meredith Vieire.
From the Meredith Vieire show

Jennifer Beals on "The L Word"

Jennifer Beals talks about the impact The L Word had on her and on fans.

Posted by The Meredith Vieira Show on Friday, September 18, 2015

Good to hear Jennifer again on the L Word!!

Really nice!