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L Word Actress

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Lesbian or bi-sexual actress: Laurel Holloman


Laurel Holloman

XP Laurel HollomanLaurel Holloman Actress: Laurel Holloman is an actress who plays Tina Kennard on The L Word. She has appeared in many independent and feature films including The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995) where she played a cute baby butch Randy Dean.

She’s also played on other TV shows including Angel (2002) where she played a vampire.

L Word XandrasplaceLaurel Holloman is Openly Bisexual: Although she is married to a man, Laurel Holloman is openly bisexual. After filming The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, she was in a relationship with a woman. When that ended she said, “I looked for other relationships with women and they didn’t happen.”
Source: Curve magazine, January 2008.

More from Laurel Holloman about being Bisexual : Laurel says, “I just feel like when you fall in love you can’t help who you fall in love with. You love who you love; it just is what it is.”

She also said in the Curve magazine interview, “…ultimately I met my husband and got married. I wish I had met more women (laughs).”

Laurel Holloman Bisexual Mom: Laurel Holloman has a daughter Lola Reiko Macherey who was born in November 2004. Her real life pregnancy coincided with Tina’s pregnancy on The L Word.

Her daughter appeared on the show in season 3, episode one where they all sing, “Hello to Lola, so glad to see you” while at a daycare.
Source: The L Word Down Below

More about Laurel Holloman: Laurel Holloman won a Satellite Award for her role as Tina on The L Word. She dedicated the award to her daughter and said, “When she grows up I hope there will be more shows like that and she could see all sorts of characters. I’ll be happy for her just to find love. I’m proud to represent an alternative family on TV.”

Laurel Holloman Quote About Playing Tina

“Tina in the beginning, she’s just seems like she’s very soulful and good and honest, and then you realize that she has all her flaws too. She’s got a dark side. That’s definitely more interesting when you’re on a show for many years, playing the same character, you certainly don’t always want to do the same thing.”

Laurel Holloman on Bette & Tina

“For Tina, I think Bette is the love of her life, without a doubt.”

Xandrasplace Laurel Holloman


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  1. I loved the show the L word, Tina and Bette were my favorite characters, I have also read about their Personal lives as Jennifer and Laurel and realized that they have such full lives besides being actors. I hope the L word does come back I have watched all 6 seasons already 3 times over and always felt I missed something previously. I have a daughter and know that if he she chooses a woman as her partner I will totally support it as having a woman in ones life will be so different than from a man and in the end it all comes to being in love and being happy.

    • Hi !
      Yes The L Word was a great show! I think all of the fans want more.:) You are totally right: It is all about love, that is what matters! Enjoy your day and thank you for commenting! (y)

  2. Hello: Here we are pressing 2017 and Showtime has not made a decision to go forward with The L Word?? Why isn’t our community voice not ringing any bells?
    This story has to continue, put some good writers to work and get rid of all the reality crap on the tube!

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