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Hi guys!
Someone asked me today if I knew that Sarah Palin’s supporters are calling her “Xena.” I had to ask, “Oh, is Sarah Palin a lesbian too?!” I don’t see it on her bio anywhere . . . nope, not there.
Curiously, in her earlier life, Xena traded motherhood for a career as an evil warlord. Hmmmm . . .
Lucy Lawless
But you have got to feel sorry for the kids of Obama and Palin. As a child, my Dad was Mayor of Mount Albert in Auckland, New Zealand. When I was 13 years old, the Springbok rugby team, from South Africa, toured NZ, sparking riots in the streets. South Africa was then deeply entrenched in a system of Apartheid, in which a minority white government enforced strict racial segregation and discrimination. New Zealand homes were bitterly divided between those who “just wanted a good rugby match,” (rugby being the national sport), and those who felt any truc with the South Africans amounted to tacit support of their regime. The main rugby pitch in NZ was located in Mount Albert and I remember being home ill from school during a period of bomb threats to our house.
Lucy in L Word

Even in a period of stability, there are so many people who are enraged that their water rates go up, enraged when they don’t like a certain law, enraged when they don’t take their medication, who think nothing of ringing the children of the public figure and letting them have it. It’s incredibly frightening and hurtful to have your beloved parent mocked, suspected, hated.

I can’t imagine how it must be in these days when so much is at stake and fevers are so high. It’s gotta be murder. Mr. Palin and Mrs. Obama are going to have their work cut out for them filling in the parental voids while their life partners are chasing their goals.

Mind you, Chelsea Clinton worked out all right. Improbable, but seemingly true.
I’ve been off doing a role on CSI: Miami which airs around Oct. 20(?) I play a tart with no heart, for a change.
Also, look for me on The L Word at some point. Can’t tell you anything about that — it’s deep in the closet. L

What’s New from Sharon:
9/21/08 — LUCY ON CSI: MIAMI AND THE L WORD! Read the new message from Lucy above. She also gives us a first-hand view of what it’s like to be the offspring of a person in the political arena.
Lucy in L word
The Feel the Love Day pledges are still coming in and because there were posts that said it ended Sept. 26, I’m going to continue to take pledges through this week. I’m blown away by the generosity and ingenuity of what you folks are doing.

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