Lucy Lawless interview

Lucy Lawless interview

Ash vs evil dead


I really like Lucy! Big fan since she appeared in Xena Warrior Princes.
I hated the ending of XWP but lately I am watching some episodes again. I have the complete series at home and I used to watch them in marathon sittings. 🙂
I also love Renee!! The two of them together made something almost magical on screen.

On the 15 th of September, celebrating Xena’s 20th Anniversary, Lucy wrote this to her fans:

My darling friends, how can 20 years have passed since Ren and I met on the set of Xena:Warrior Princess?
We worked hard, had a lot of fun and were part of something which seems to have meant a great deal to so many of you.
How did we get so lucky? The show was one of the most formative times of our lives and we thank you for keeping us on
the air for six glorious years.

Having heard many, many personal stories, I honour you for the transformation you have wrought in your
own lives and your communities. The XWP fan base has been an amazing force for good in the world which,
more than anything else, makes me love you back.

I don’t know what the future brings, but I believe Xena and Gabrielle will surely rise again
because the world still needs ’em and the fans are calling them into being.
Hooray for everything!
Lots of love,

I am planning to look for more on Lucy and Renee and also I will look into my ‘old’ archives. I am sure I have some videos Xenites will just love! 🙂



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