North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Backlash

To be honest I was waiting for this. I just couldn’t believe that the LGBT community would be quiet about this!
Also I am happy that businesses and some others like the NBA are speaking against this stupid law. It is discrimination, pure and simple!

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Corporations and activists channeled growing fury this week at North Carolina lawmakers who rushed though legislation on Wednesday to repeal LGBT protections and bar transgender people from certain restrooms.

Protesters were arrested outside the governor’s mansion, while tech companies — including Facebook, Apple, and Google — argued that the new law is designed to allow LGBT discrimination.

The NBA suggested that the “discriminatory law” could compromise plans to host the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte.

Republican state leaders enacted the law in order to repeal an ordinance in Charlotte that would protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing and public accommodations. At least nine other jurisdictions in the state had similar laws on the books.

Gov. Pat McCrory and Christian conservatives claimed the public accommodations portion of the Charlotte ordinance posed a safety threat by allowing transgender women — whom they called “men” — to prey on women and girls, especially in bathrooms.

But in the 17 states and 225 cities with laws banning LGBT discrimination, there are no known instances of the rules being used to defend or facilitate predatory behavior in bathrooms or locker rooms.

On Thursday, protests swelled in front of the governor’s mansion, where five people were arrested for blocking traffic, WRAL reported. They were booked on charges of impeding the flow of traffic and resisting, delaying, or obstructing officers.

In response, McCrory defended the new law and blamed others for “spin.”

“Standing with North Carolina parents who are worried about the privacy and safety of their children will always be a top priority for the governor, no matter the spin by the media, pundits or politically correct crowd,” McCrory said in a statement.
Corporations, however, condemned the bill. Among them was Facebook, which posted a statement from its data center in North Carolina.

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2 thoughts on “North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Backlash

  1. Thank you for posting it, Xandra.
    Gosh – LGBT people do have to answer a call of nature like everyone else. Should they relieve themselves behind bushes??? Or wear incontinence pads???

    It makes me angry and sad that obviously many people in very conservative circles seem to think every Transgender woman or Transgender man seems to be a latent pedophile or that their only goal seems to be to “prey” on women or girls (or man and boys, for that matter) when they need to go to the bathroom. As if unequivocally heterosexual men (or women) never would prey on the other sex or never would be pedophile. What hypocrisy!

    And another common misconception seems to be that biologically speaking everybody is cleary born either “male” or “female” . But even nature doesn’t always play by those rules that dominate the thinking of those very conservative circles: Because in my country about 1 in 4000 babies is born “intersexual”, meaning it features both, male and female sexual organs.

    • Thank you very much for your insights Yersinia. I couldn’t agree more! I am happy though that this law is facing a lot of disagreement and there is more and more resistance against it. I hope that in my lifetime I can see more understanding and less bigotry.

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