Marriage Equality and Countries

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The day before yesterday I read an article that really made me shake my head and I really thought that something was NOT right!
You can find the article here.
Yesterday however, Australia, came back on the decision (Good!!) and apologised.
Even better! 😉
That article you can find here

I really was confused about it all. How can a legal marriage not be recognised?

Well, Today I am happy because people start to react on this. I am sure there are many more countries that will not recognize same sex marriages from other countries.
There needs to be action to make sure if people are married this is the same in ALL COUNTRIES!!!

I found this:
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Australia apologizes marriage equality

Frontbencher Christopher Pyne has added his voice to the calls for the government to recognise overseas same-sex marriages following the death of a British honeymooner in Adelaide.

Pyne described failing to recognise overseas same-sex marriages as anachronistic and offensive.
Asked by the ABC radio whether it was time to change the laws surrounding recognition of overseas same-sex marriages, Pyne said:

“I haven’t studied the issue. I did see the story and I agree with Jay Weatherill that that is outdated and anachronistic and I think it’s offensive to the man involved, obviously,” “I agree with him on that.”

Australia mariage equality
Pyne is a supporter of same-sex marriage and is one of the Coalition members who voted in favour of a conscience vote on the issue. In August the Catholic-raised frontbencher said he had decided to support marriage equality to create more legal certainty for the increasing number of Australian children being raised by same-sex couples.

Yesterday South Australian Premier Jay Wetherill apologised to Marco Bulmer-Rizzi – the man whose husband David had died in Adelaide whilst the couple were on honeymoon. Weatherill told the widower he would be introducing legislation that recognised overseas same-sex marriages and promised to issue a new death certificate recognising David’s marital status.

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