Lily Rose Depp

Being the daughter of two famous people, father actor Johnny Depp and mother French singing sensation Vanessa Paradis, it is no surprise that Lily-Rose also is in the spotlights.
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Last year she -more or less- came out. However this seems to be a misunderstanding.
She hit the headlines in August 2015 when she posed for iO Tillett Wright’s Self-Evident Truths Project, a photo series of people who aren’t “100% straight”.
But now Depp has clarified the reasons behind her participation in the project, telling Nylon magazine that she never meant it to be a “coming out”.
“That was really misconstrued, that whole thing,” she said. “A lot of people took it as me coming out, but that’s not what I was trying to do. I was literally doing it to say that you don’t have to label your sexuality.”
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The Yoga Hosers star went on say that there’s too much pressure on kids to label themselves and that she believes sexuality is “not set in stone”.
Depp said: “I was just trying to say that it’s unnecessary; you don’t need to label yourself. I guess it came off the wrong way, because then everyone labelled me as gay. That’s not what I was trying to say. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course! But I did that literally just to say you don’t have to label yourself, and everyone like like, Lily-Rose Depp comes out as gay!” Lily Rose Depp

She went on: “I’m saying it doesn’t matter! It’s not anybody’s business, because I am going to date whoever I’m going to date. I was just saying, kids don’t need to label their sexualities. It’s not that big of a deal.”

On why more and more people are deciding not to put a label on themselves, Depp puts it down to evolution. “People have completely different beliefs, different mindsets than they had 30 years ago-and they will have different mindsets and beliefs 30 years from now,” she said. “I think life goes on, people progress and evolve, and that kind of thinking changes.