Cate Blanchett and opposition to same-sex marriage

Cate Blanchett and opposition to same-sex marriage

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Cate Blanchett has told ABC that she is “bewildered” by the opposition to same-sex marriage in Australia.

The Australian actor stars in Golden Globe-nominated Carol, which follows the romantic relationship between Blanchett’s character and another woman, is released in her country next month.


Blanchett said that her fictional character Carol would not have been a campaigner for same-sex marriage because she does not think “she exists in any community”.

However, Blanchett was happy to talk about the political debate herself.

She said: “The interesting thing for me in the debate about same-sex marriage, quite aside from the film of Carol, is that it’s one of those issues where it has no impact on anyone apart from the people it impacts upon.” 

“So I find it quite bewildering that it’s so complicated for people,” she added.

Blanchett also dismissed questions surrounding her ability to play a lesbian as “silly”.

She said: “People are still interested [in] whether you [can] play a gay character without being gay?” 

“No-one asked me when [in the film Truth] I played Mary Mapes, a journalist, how many years I’d actually worked for a newspaper, had I gone to journalism school?”

“I think the power, when people actually see the film and forget about all of that stuff, is that falling in love is falling in love.”

Carol has been widely praised by critics, including a standing ovation at its international premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

In addition, it has secured a release date in Russia, despite the country’s anti-LGBT+ laws, in May 2016.