Antonin Scalia passed away

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away on Saturday on a ranch in Texas.
According to the New York Times
Antonin Scalia
A spokeswoman for the U.S. Marshals Service, which sent personnel to the scene, said there was nothing to indicate the death was the result of anything other than natural causes.

Most people know he was very conservative and was known for his piercing and often controversial words, both in curated written decisions and off-the-cuff remarks.
He certainly was no friend of the LGBT community!
In his view, it wasn’t so much that he was opposed to gay rights — he really was! — but that such rights simply weren’t protected by a very originalist interpretation of the Constitution and its amendments.
In my opinion he had a somewhat strange view on the Constitution :
Scalia’s stance on gay rights demonstrated his originalist view: He believed that the Constitution couldn’t protect gay rights, because no one could envision, for example, same-sex marriage as an issue back when the Constitution and its amendments were written.

Now I think the battle who gets to replace Antonin Scalia starts ?

Republican candidates: Obama shouldn’t bother nominating anyone.
Here a few reactions:

“I do not believe the president should appoint someone,” Sen. Marco Rubio said. “It’s been over 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a Supreme Court justice.”

Sen. Ted Cruz: “We have 80 years of precedent of not confirming Supreme Court justices in an election year,” Cruz said. Dickerson pointed out that that wasn’t quite true — Justice Anthony Kennedy was nominated by Ronald Reagan in 1987 and confirmed in 1988.

Kasich: ended up by concluding that Obama shouldn’t nominate someone for the Supreme Court vacancy. “I believe the president should not move forward,” Kasich said.

Ben Carson: “we should be thinking about how can we create some healing in this land.”
“I fully agree that we should not allow a judge to be appointed during his time,”

Donald Trump : “I think he is going to do it whether I’m okay with it or not,” Trump said. “It’s up to Mitch McConnell and everybody else to stop it. It’s called delay, delay, delay.”

Jeb Bush expressed what may have been the greatest willingness among the candidates to at least wait and see who President Obama nominates.
“Of course, the president, by the way, has every right to nominate Supreme Court justices,” Bush said. “I’m an Article II guy on the Constitution.”
He also said: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama will not have a consensus pick.”

Lily Rose Depp

Being the daughter of two famous people, father actor Johnny Depp and mother French singing sensation Vanessa Paradis, it is no surprise that Lily-Rose also is in the spotlights.
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Last year she -more or less- came out. However this seems to be a misunderstanding.
She hit the headlines in August 2015 when she posed for iO Tillett Wright’s Self-Evident Truths Project, a photo series of people who aren’t “100% straight”.
But now Depp has clarified the reasons behind her participation in the project, telling Nylon magazine that she never meant it to be a “coming out”.
“That was really misconstrued, that whole thing,” she said. “A lot of people took it as me coming out, but that’s not what I was trying to do. I was literally doing it to say that you don’t have to label your sexuality.”
Lili Rose Depp Johnny Depp Amber Heard
The Yoga Hosers star went on say that there’s too much pressure on kids to label themselves and that she believes sexuality is “not set in stone”.
Depp said: “I was just trying to say that it’s unnecessary; you don’t need to label yourself. I guess it came off the wrong way, because then everyone labelled me as gay. That’s not what I was trying to say. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course! But I did that literally just to say you don’t have to label yourself, and everyone like like, Lily-Rose Depp comes out as gay!” Lily Rose Depp

She went on: “I’m saying it doesn’t matter! It’s not anybody’s business, because I am going to date whoever I’m going to date. I was just saying, kids don’t need to label their sexualities. It’s not that big of a deal.”

On why more and more people are deciding not to put a label on themselves, Depp puts it down to evolution. “People have completely different beliefs, different mindsets than they had 30 years ago-and they will have different mindsets and beliefs 30 years from now,” she said. “I think life goes on, people progress and evolve, and that kind of thinking changes.

Rachel Maddow Hug Crossed the Line

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I came across this: Rachel Maddow Hug Crossed the Line
I always liked Rachel Maddow! I think she is a great person and I like here very much in debates. She is in mine opinion a good debate leader and asks what needs to be asked.
Rachel Maddow
Now Rachel gets a lot of critci from Howard Kurtz of Fox News! He wrote a whole culumn about it!
You can read that here

This is what wrote about it.
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While Rachel Maddow’s performance as debate moderator on Thursday is getting high marks for its substantive and sometimes tough questioning, all anyone really seems to be talking about is the hugging.

After the debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ended, Maddow was seen on video and in photographs giving each of them a hug. And that sent some media critics into a tailspin.

Howard Kurtz of Fox News wrote a column at first complaining only that Maddow is an ”unabashedly liberal commentator who rips the Republicans every night on her program,” and he said that viewpoint ought to have disqualified her for the job of debate moderator. Then during an interview on Friday with Megyn Kelly, Kurtz elaborated and said Maddow went too far in hugging the Democratic candidates.

“I’m pro hug,” claimed Kurtz. “But I don’t hug politicians after I interview them. And the optics of Rachel Maddow embracing the two Democrats kinda made it look like they are on the same team.”

Erik Wemple, media critic for the Washington Post, wasn’t as concerned.

“Eh. Consider the hugs through the prism of journalism ethics,” he wrote. “Were they transparent? Yes, there’s video (see above) of the hugs, which took place in front of the cameras; any clandestine backstage moderator-candidate hugging is strictly forbidden. Were they evenhanded? Yes, both Sanders and Clinton received hugs of very comparable warmth, duration and hand-pats. Were they prejudicial? Nah, coming at the end of the event, it’s hard to say that the affection received by Maddow influenced the questions, which were solid. So that’s the verdict, considering that there doesn’t appear to be a hug provision in the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics.”

Maybe the most surprising person to come to the out MSNBC anchor’s defense is Fox News’s own Greta Van Susteren, who wrote in a guest column for the Huffington Post that, “First, a hug is a social gesture like a handshake. It is not an endorsement. People hug each other all the time and it is done between casual acquaintances.” She blasted hugging critics (a number of which are from her own network). “I can find no one accusing Maddow or Todd of pulling punches or not asking substantive questions of both democratic candidates. The talk today — rather than being about the post-debate social gesture hugs — should be about the candidates’ answers. Period.”
Rachel Maddow hugs

And then there was fellow Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who didn’t agree with Kurtz that Maddow’s being liberal should prevent her from serving as debate moderator. “As long as it’s all clear, what’s the harm?” she asked. “Same thing as Hugh Hewitt sitting next to Jake Tapper.”

Kelly was referring to a pair of CNN debates for Republicans in which the conservative radio show host, Hewitt, was doing the questioning alongside CNN anchors. The Republican National Committee actually mandated that an outwardly conservative voice be allowed time.

Memorial To Victims of Holocaust

Britain builds Memorial To Victims of Holocaust Next to Parliament

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Good. I really like this! I think it is often forgotten that lots of gay people were killed during the Nazi regime.

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the 71st anniversary of the liberation of the notorious death camp, Auschwitz. Under Adolf Hitler’s rule, Nazi Germany orchestrated and carried out a methodological genocide that left around six million Jews dead, along with millions of other “undesirables,” including Roma, the disabled, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and an estimated 15,000 gay people. Today, Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to erect a memorial to all the victims of the Holocaust in Victoria Park, adjacent to the Houses of Parliament in central London.
Gays and hollocaust
Cameron, who has said that the project will be completed by 2017, termed the monument “a permanent statement of our values as a nation.”

This day last year—the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation—was marked by a number of large-scale international events, as it was recognized to likely be the last major anniversary attended by survivors of the Nazi genocide—every year, their numbers shrink. A special commission convened by the Prime Minister at that time released findings earlier this year stressing that, while the assault on Europe’s Jewish population would remain at the heart of the memorial, it was proper to honor all victims:

“The Commission resolved that, at its heart, the Memorial must represent the experience of the Jewish victims, determinedly and systematically targeted for total destruction, based not on lifestyle or belief system, but on genetic origins.

“However, it would be an injustice to the memory of those other victims not to reflect upon their tragic experiences too. Amongst these victims were members of the Roma community, Jehovah’s Witnesses, political dissidents, homosexuals and people with mental and physical disabilities.”

Gays and hollocaustThe pink triangle, rendered in hot pink as a gay pride and gay rights symbol, was originally rendered in pink and used pointed downward on a Nazi concentration camp badge to denote homosexual men.
After the war, the treatment of homosexuals in concentration camps went unacknowledged by most countries, and some men were even re-arrested and imprisoned based on evidence found during the Nazi years. It was not until the 1980s that governments began to acknowledge this episode, and not until 2002 that the German government apologized to the gay community. This period still provokes controversy, however. In 2005, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Holocaust which included the persecution of homosexuals.

Gays compared to Nazis in Italy

This made me angry!
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Anti-LGBT groups and the Catholic Church have organized a massive rally taking place in Rome today against the civil unions bill under consideration in Parliament.
The gays were compared to Nazis in Italy
The day began with Anonymous hacking the website of the group organizing the protest, replacing their banner with a “Love Is Love” message
Pro gay Italy

An enormous crowd turned out Saturday at Rome’s Circus Maximus for “Family Day,” where a proposed civil unions bill was denounced and LGBT families were condemned.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is hoping to push through a civil unions bill and finally offer legal recognition to same-sex couples. Italy is the only Western European nation to offer no protections for such couples, and the nation is under pressure to take action by the European Court of Human Rights.

But the Catholic Church’s hold over daily Italian ife remains strong and many Italians want the legislation killed. Opponents to the bill turned up Saturday by the thousands, bused in from all over the nation, according to the Los Angeles Times. Some of the protest signs went far beyond opposition to civil unions, with one placard reading, “Say no the Gaystapo.”
Protest in Italy

As is common for battles over LGBT rights, “Think of the children” concerns were trotted out. Renzi’s bill includes a very contentious clause that would allow gay and bi people to legally adopt their partner’s biological children.

Last week LGBT groups and allies staged pro-civil unions rallies in dozens of Italian cities. Authorities in Rome say they are prepared for a crowd as large as 500,000 today.

The senate is expected to vote on the bill in mid-February before it goes to the lower house of parliament. The Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) said on Friday it was concerned about the “process under way of putting marriage and civil unions on the same level – with the introduction of an alternative to the family”. Last week, Pope Francis reiterated the Catholic church’s opposition to gay marriage, saying that the traditional family was “the family God wants”.

Ellen Page – Rising Star

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We all hear more and more about Ellen Page. So I think it is a good idea to gather some more info about this extraordinary woman. She really is a Rising Start!
As we all know she came out on Valentines day 2014!! Good for her! She also stars in Freeheld. More about Freeheld you can read here
Ellen Page in Freeheld

Some basic info:
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Ellen Philpotts-Page (born February 21, 1987), known professionally as Ellen Page, is a Canadian actress.
Page was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Martha Philpotts, a teacher, and Dennis Page, a graphic designer. She attended the Halifax Grammar School until grade 10, spent some time at Queen Elizabeth High School, and graduated from the Shambhala School in 2005. She also spent two years in Toronto, Ontario studying in the Interact Program at Vaughan Road Academy, along with close friend and fellow Canadian actor Mark Rendall. Growing up, Page enjoyed playing with action figures and climbing trees
Ellen Page

Her upcoming project Gaycation

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VICE has released the first trailer for VICELAND’s »Gaycation«, which has Ellen Page and co-host Ian Daniel travelling from Japan to Brazil, Jamaica and back to the USA. In each episode, the duo explores the ways in which different cultures deal with gender, sex, and sexuality by immersing themselves in the local LGBT community. Filming the series was a new experience, one that proved to be very personal and moving, for the Canadian actress, who found herself in front of the camera with no script to follow. In a recent telephone interview with BuzzFeed News, Page and Daniel both recapped some of the emotional moments during the production:
Ellen Page

“I think I expected to definitely have emotional experiences, I don’t know if I would have anticipated … I don’t think you can anticipate the actual degree of what you’re going to feel,” said Page of the eye-opening experience. “I’m a privileged person. I’m a privileged gay person. [The show] helped me understand, even more so, how much more vulnerable people are.” Daniel added: “Each episode you’re learning so much. It’s these one-on-one interactions that are so rare, that you don’t have in your everyday life, so you come out of each episode expanding each time.”

Marriage Equality and Countries

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The day before yesterday I read an article that really made me shake my head and I really thought that something was NOT right!
You can find the article here.
Yesterday however, Australia, came back on the decision (Good!!) and apologised.
Even better! 😉
That article you can find here

I really was confused about it all. How can a legal marriage not be recognised?

Well, Today I am happy because people start to react on this. I am sure there are many more countries that will not recognize same sex marriages from other countries.
There needs to be action to make sure if people are married this is the same in ALL COUNTRIES!!!

I found this:
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Australia apologizes marriage equality

Frontbencher Christopher Pyne has added his voice to the calls for the government to recognise overseas same-sex marriages following the death of a British honeymooner in Adelaide.

Pyne described failing to recognise overseas same-sex marriages as anachronistic and offensive.
Asked by the ABC radio whether it was time to change the laws surrounding recognition of overseas same-sex marriages, Pyne said:

“I haven’t studied the issue. I did see the story and I agree with Jay Weatherill that that is outdated and anachronistic and I think it’s offensive to the man involved, obviously,” “I agree with him on that.”

Australia mariage equality
Pyne is a supporter of same-sex marriage and is one of the Coalition members who voted in favour of a conscience vote on the issue. In August the Catholic-raised frontbencher said he had decided to support marriage equality to create more legal certainty for the increasing number of Australian children being raised by same-sex couples.

Yesterday South Australian Premier Jay Wetherill apologised to Marco Bulmer-Rizzi – the man whose husband David had died in Adelaide whilst the couple were on honeymoon. Weatherill told the widower he would be introducing legislation that recognised overseas same-sex marriages and promised to issue a new death certificate recognising David’s marital status.

Her Story a new media series

Her Story is a new media series that looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire & identity.

Good! a Complete serie about the difficulties en obstacles the trans- and queer women can encounter!! Her storie is a new-media series that really sounds interesting!
Her Story a new media series

Her Story is about two trans women in Los Angeles who have given up on love, when suddenly chance encounters give them hope. Violet is drawn to Allie, a reporter who approaches her for an interview, while career-driven Paige meets James, the first man she’s considered opening up to in years. Will they risk letting what they are stand in the way of being loved for who they are?

Trans women in the media have long been punchlines, killers, indications of urban grit, pathetic tragedies, and dangerous sirens. Rarely have they been complex characters who laugh, struggle, and grow, who share strength in sisterhood, who seek and find love. Her Story depicts the unique, complicated, and very human women we see in queer communities, and explores how these women navigate the intersections of label identity and love.
Co-written by Jen Richards and Laura Zak, directed by Sydney Freehand (Drunktown’s Finest), with cinematography by Bérénice Eveno, and produced by Katherine Fisher/Speed of Joy Productions, Her Story features predominantly LGBTQ women, on and off-screen. With this project we have the opportunity to positively shift cultural perceptions of trans and queer women. We invite you to join us in helping to make visible the lives of women who too often are made invisible.

I want to see this, sounds very nice and has a new approach!
Series Launching January 19th

For more go here

Ellen DeGeneres show in the UK

Good news for the people in the UK!!

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be broadcast on ITV in the UK, it has today been announced.

It was announced today that the host’s long-running daytime chat show would be making its way across the Atlantic.
DeGeneres often uses the show as a platform to talk about LGBT stories and issues as part of the line-up, and has interviewed a number of prominent guests – from Caitlyn Jenner to Barack Obama.
The show first launched in 2003, but still attracts around 3.9 million viewers per episode state-side.
Ellen DeGeneres show to UK

However, the show will now be airing in the UK, every weekday on ITV2.

A statement from Ellen said: “After what feels like decades of campaigning I’m so excited that my show is on ITV2.

“I can literally feel my crumpets tingling down my cockles.”

ITV2’s Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions Angela Jain said: “We’re over the moon Ellen DeGeneres is joining ITV2 – her daily mix of Hollywood guests, topical comedy and great conversation is a welcome addition to the channel.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show will air every weekday at 1.45pm, a few days behind the US broadcast.

Under a separate deal, NBC recently secured the show’s future until the 2019-20 season through a hefty renewal order.

Valari Staab of NBCUniversal said: “For more than a decade, ‘Ellen’ has anchored the daytime lineups of the NBC-owned stations, offering our viewers a great afternoon show, delivering a strong lead in for our early evening newscasts and helping to launch new hits.

“We’re proud of our partnership with Ellen, her fabulous team and our friends at Warner Bros., and we are thrilled to extend our relationship with them.”

Ken Werner of Warner Bros said: “There’s a very simple explanation as to why ‘Ellen’ is number one.

“Day in and day out Ellen delivers the best show on television. Ellen and her team produce a completely unique and exciting hour, which is appointment television for viewers everywhere.

“We are thrilled to continue our 13-year partnership with the NBC Stations which delivers to their communities the entertainment and inspiration of ‘Ellen’.”